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Birds' concert

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Из переводов для радио "Чипль Дук"

You know a little about them. But you want to know more. Listen, I’ll tell this.

Woman’s voice:

The poet and traveler Arthur Glandysh is in the studio of the program “People of Specific Occupations”

Can you guess what is warbling? Whether it’s a waxwing or a fife?

This is Kinzazuro Azaki, 43 years old, from the Tukkummu city of  Takusimu prefecture on the island Siko, whistling.

The history is rooted in the 16th century when all local birds were killed, along with the residents, during intercine wars between samurais (warlords). In 1873, the shogun Rensutsu set up a new city position- “bird substituter”.

Seiku Azaki was the first on the list, and built a dynasty of  “mikasatory”, the bird subsituters in Takusima.

(Japanese speech imitation and then translation of it)

“Our occupation is very rare”,  Kindzazura Asaki says. “Every day I take my bike at 5 a.m. and ride around the town until 8 – 11 p.m. local time. All day long I whistle like a thrush or scream like a seagull. Of course it is hard work. It is especially difficult on a day like today when my lips are frozen and I have to smear them with whale-oil. That is why the quality of my thrush’s warbles is poor;  nevertheless we provide a great quantity of them!”

“My family helps me a lot. My younger son sings like a lark. My granddad RoiSan hoots like an owl. And my wife Akusuki chatters like a magpie.”

We are leaving Tukusumu where the real birds are silent. As we bid them farewell, the family organizes a grand bird concert.

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